Team Sessions

Shawn and Jack will lead players in an action packed 90 minute session filled with plenty of instruction and a game to keep the kids competitive!

Min. 12 players per session, Max. 20 players
Cost $120/player for 4 sessions. Once 14 players is reached, price drops to $100.

Rookie Age Group (7-8 year olds)
Development will focus on proper grip, throwing motion, catching fundamentals, baserunning/sliding, batting stance and hitting technique. Players attending this session will improve their baseball athleticism including hand/eye and body coordination.

Minor Age Group/Mosquito (9-11 years old)
Development will focus on enhancing the fundamentals of hitting, baserunning, throwing and catching. There will be an introduction to pitching and the hitting will focus on generating more power

Players attending this session will see overall improvement to their game while learning steps to pitching and understanding how to handle game situations.

Major/PeeWee Age Group (11-13 years old)

Development will be focused on enhancing the fundamentals of hitting (focus on hitting for power), baserunning, throwing and catching.

Players attending this session will see improvements on how they mentally prepare to hit, pitch, throw etc. and will gain key insight into training for strength, basic mobility and conditioning.